How To Dress Warm This Winter


The first step in winter layering is a lightweight long-sleeve baselayer. Wool and polyester are great choices for this layer because they help regulate body temperature while wicking moisture. Next, add a fleece or puffy jacket, which acts as a heat-trapping layer in frigid temperatures. You’ll want to choose a jacket with zippers and a hood, as it will protect your head from drafts.


Adding tights to your outfit is an easy way to keep your legs warm. Tights also help make your legs look long and slim. When choosing the right pair of tights for your winter wardrobe, you should consider the fabric and color. Tights made of merino wool will be incredibly warm and look stylish. Tights made of fleece are lightweight and comfortable.


Many people look for the thickest socks they can find to keep their feet warm, but the type of fabric is more important than how much thickness. A good option is merino wool, which is thermoregulating and also wicks away sweat, keeping your feet dry and warm. These cozy socks were a favorite among GH testers for their softness and warmth. Made of luxe merino wool, they feature pile-lining (loops of yarn on the interior) to trap your natural body heat and help insulate your feet.


The right winter boots can add a stylish touch to any outfit. Look for boots that are made of warm fabrics like leather or wool and are water-resistant. Thick socks made of merino wool are also helpful, since they tend to wick moisture away from your feet. And, of course, you will want a pair of waterproof boots that provide good traction on snow or ice.