girl with makeup

Even for the most experienced the rules of makeup exist and must be respected, so as to avoid making mistakes that could make us look like clowns.

The guide to perfect make-up has only 7 rules: 

Rule 1: don’t rush!

Start with a good facial cleansing, tone and moisturize the skin well, especially if you want your makeup to last for a long time.

Rule 2: the mirror

Look in the mirror, study your features well, your complexion and choose the cosmetics that can give harmony to your face, compared to the eyes and hair. Neutral lines are always good.

Rule 3: primer and foundation

After spreading a moisturizer on your face, apply a good primer, choosing one that suits your needs. Then move on to the foundation.

What a woman asks of the make-up is to be homogeneous, without imperfections, which makes the skin perfectly velvety. This is why choosing the right shade is very important. When you buy the foundation try it on the face, between the neck and the jaw line.

The foundation must blend with the complexion of the skin, illuminating the face, enhancing the complexion and must be uniform, without color breaks. Always check the ingredients!

If the foundation is imperceptible, you have found the right shade, otherwise, to understand what your undertone is, look at the internal veins of your wrist: observe them in natural light (never artificial)

If they have a blue / light blue color your undertone is pink; if the color of the veins tends to green, your undertone is yellow.

Rule 4: Face powder

Let’s move on to face powder, an indispensable cosmetic for fixing makeup and giving the face a velvety look. As for the shade, the same rules apply as for the foundation, mentioned above.

Choose a shade as close as possible to your complexion, at most a lighter shade, which does not contrast with the foundation.

The compact powder should be dabbed with the sponge and spread on the face with circular movements, from top to bottom, from the inside of the face to the outside.

Rule 5: the right blush.

How to choose blush or blush based on skin color: Always use them without exaggerating, just a very light pass; also for the choice of blush it is important to find the right shade, in harmony with your complexion:

Very light skin:

If you have very light, milky skin, choose a delicate complexion, such as antique pink or light pink; if you have fair skin, the most suitable shades are light pink, peach pink or coral pink, but always light and delicate shades.

Medium tone skin:

If you have medium-toned skin, the blush should be not too light and not too dark: a peach, apricot or dark pink will be fine.

Dark skin:

For dark skin, choose blush in apricot, brick, beige or plum shades that will give intensity to the complexion.

Olive skin:

If your skin is olive, the light brick, bronze and amber shades will make your face very sensual.

Rule 6: eyes and gaze

As for the eyes, we must always try to give incisiveness to the look, reviving it and this effect is obtained with mascara, just a couple of passes, without exaggerating.

Rule 7: perfect lips

The mouth is a real weapon of seduction, it reveals our character, catches the eye and for this we must dedicate all our attention to it, using emollient and anti-wrinkle products.

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