The Most Recent Make-up Trends

Trendy Make-up looks

1. Ton sur ton makeup

What does it mean? Very simply choose a dominant color to be used in all the various face make-up: from eyeshadow to lipstick to blush, where possible.

The result is a sophisticated and classy look, ideal for those who love to show off a sober style but with a touch of personality and character with an unmistakable sweetness.

2. Smokey eyes and pastel eyeshadows

In particular, even if black is always a beloved color, smokey eyes in creamy and pastel shades will dominate fashion for a refined and bon ton effect that does not give up a touch of character, all in one. fairy atmosphere with a romantic and girly soul.

3. Classic blue eyeshadow

Highly appreciated in all its shades, from the lightest to the most intense and dark ones, this magnetic and deep tint is able to perfectly enhance brown and dark eyes. It is then particularly suitable in the metallic and shining texture because it allows you to give greater brightness to the entire face, harmonizing it.

4. Coral lipstick or orange shades

The lip makeup will be intense and decisive, where the super chic delicacy of nude tones is not chosen which is always a winning and perfect choice.

As anticipated, peach, apricot and salmon shades will also have a special place: they are more delicate and poetic shades, ideal for those who want a softer effect.

You can choose a lipstick with a matte and matte finish, always of great charm and long-lasting, or turn to a fresher, luminous and sparkling texture, with a shiny and transparent look, ideal on hot summer days.

beauty fashion portrait

Colored lip balms are an excellent solution if you are not a huge fan of too heavy and marked lipsticks or if you prefer to focus on more intense eye makeup.

5. Blush for a bonne mine effect

For a correct application, it is advisable to use a rounded blush brush and spread it in the center of the cheekbones, in the cheek area. It is good not to overdo it, but give just a little touch of delicate color to the face, as if you were slightly kissed by the sun and fresh air.

But which color of blush to choose? The apricot shades are perfect, especially if you have light skin with a warm undertone; instead, baby pink is preferred, and pink shades in general, with a fair complexion with a cool undertone. If you have a golden or slightly darker complexion, opt for the bolder peach palette.

6. Glow effect cheeks

It is a new beauty technique, pre-highlighting, which involves the application of the highlighter both before and after the application of the foundation. The result is a delicate but effective glowy base, which gives the face an irresistible touch of natural brightness and freshness.

This must-have beauty can also be applied to eye and lip makeup: with bright eyeshadows with a wet effect, better on nude tones, and transparent lip glosses or lip balms with a super shiny texture.

7. Natural thick eyebrows

Once again, make-up rewards thick and natural eyebrows, as celebrities and stars from all over the world love to show them for a long time, first of all Miriam Leone and Cara Delevingne, also in contrast with different colored hair.