My Experience Booking A PCR Test In Scotland For Travel

On my most recent travels, I took a flight from Berlin to Scotland for a short 4 day holiday. Before I left for Scotland I made plenty of preparations in order to make my trip as easy and hassle free as possible. So I hope I can share some of my experiences with you in this guide so that you can book a PCR test in Scotland quickly and enjoy your time spent travelling like me.

Travelling In A Pandemic.

Up until recently, I was still very hesitant about travelling anywhere. One of the main reasons for this has been the fact that im aware the virus is still active and spreading across the world, occasionally mutating. This causing a signifcant amount of disruption and leading to issues with public transport as well as other forms of travel. However, unlike many others, I carefully planned my trip to Scotland before leaving for my flight. So first on my list was booking a PCR test in Scotland for my arrival. Of course prior to travelling I also took a test in Germany in order to ensure that I was fit to fly. This process was fast and efficient. I had absolutely no issues with this whatsoever. After my test, I boarded my flight and we arrived on time in Glasgow. From here I was able to take my test within the city at an approved testing centre. The staff were all highly trained and friendly. I submitted my testing sample and received my result back via email within just a matter of hours. This gave me time to check into my hotel and gather my bearings around the wonderful city of Glasgow.

How Did I Prepare?

So, you might be wondering just how I managed to find cheap flights, a hotel, PCR tests in Scotland for travel, as well as transport to and from the airport. The answer, was simply preparation and research. I spent a number of weeks looking for cheap flights and accommodation using a number of different travel websites. Thankfully, due to the drop in travel demand, there were plenty of excellent opportunities available for cheap flights as well as accommodation. I actually managed to find flights for under £30 return. In addition to this, I also booked my PCR tests in Scotland online in advance. This meant that when I had arrived into Glasgow, I was able to go to the testing centre immediately after the airport in order to get my test for onward travel. Making a checklist is also something you should consider before you begin your travels. There were a number of different things on my checklist such as my face mask, hand sanitiser, proof of vaccination, medication and also a travel map of Glasgow and the local landmarks.

My Main Points About My PCR Test In Scotland

The PCR test in Scotland for travel could not have been made easier. The majority of the information that you need about the test is available online. Although, having said this, you can also receive information at the testing centre itself should you wish to find out more about how the process works. If you do have any active symptoms, make sure to make staff aware before you take your test. In addition to this, when you are at the testing centre, be sure to confirm your booking in order to ensure that you are receiving the right kind of test. So I’ll leave you with these last points, and thanks for reading my blog!
  • Plan ahead for your trip.
  • Make sure you know the local health rules.
  • Take any medication you need with you.
  • Consider additional insurance in case your travel is disrupted.
  • If possible, book your covid tests online