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How to Stay Safe at a Night Out

While you are going on a night out with your friends to have fun in the world of Edinburgh nightlife, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and to make sure you stay safe so every one can have a good time. If you and your date are enjoying the night life you don’t want the threat of an attack to stop you from enjoying yourself. If you ever feel threatened in this type of scenario, here are a few things to keep in mind. Follow these tips to make sure you stay safe and enjoy yourself. neon light nightlife town

Avoiding ‘drinking games’

When exploring all Edinburgh nightlife has to offer, avoiding ‘drinking games’ at a night out can be a smart move. These games are dangerous, irresponsible, and can cause a lot of trouble. It is best to avoid playing these games when you are out with friends. These games can make you drink more than you normally would, and put you at increased risk of physical injury and academic problems. Moreover, drinking games expose you to peer pressure that could ruin your night!

Avoiding unattended drinks

Leaving your drink unattended can increase the chances of it being taken by someone else or spiked. This happens to both men and women and can lead to a criminal offense. People can slip drugs or other substances into their drink and use them to commit crimes. To prevent this from happening to you, ask someone to watch your drink and make sure no one else has one. Always keep your drink in a safe place and never leave it unattended. It is important to avoid drinking suspicious drinks at a night life night out. Although they are a cheap way to save money, the consequences are serious and your health is important. If you suspect that someone has spiked your drink, call 999 or tell a trusted friend to go home. Never leave a bar or club with someone you don’t know, and make sure to stay in a group of friends. This way, you won’t have to worry about a stabbed friend or family member.

Having a working phone

Having a fully charged phone is essential to stay safe at a night out. If something goes wrong, you can use it to book a taxi or call someone to pick you up. It also gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with friends. You’ll be more likely to avoid being a target if you have a working phone. In addition to having a working phone, always remember to eat before going out.

Writing down important numbers

One of the best ways to stay safe on a night out is to write down your important phone numbers. Sometimes your phone breaks, gets a dead battery, or becomes misplaced, so it’s always best to have a paper list of numbers nearby. Then, when you’re in a bind, you’ll have a safety net. It’s especially important to have an emergency number, like a cell phone number, printed out and handy.

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