The Best Glasses For Style In 2021

There are many kinds of eyeglasses frames for you to choose from, all of which look chic and stylish. The most popular ones are oval or round glasses frames. You can also choose from a variety of colors including jet black, deep blue, sparkling tortoiseshell, and crystal clear. Some eyewear companies even offer you the chance to personalize your eyeglasses with engraved names, logos, or designs. We wanted to do a quick round up of all the best glasses for style to watch out for in 2021.


Round Face Glasses

For formal occasions, you can go with a set of round eyeglasses frames, but if you’re going to use them everyday, an oval or cat-eye frame would be more appropriate. These kinds of glasses frames are best used for wearing indoors. If you like outdoor activities, then you should go with the shaded frame or tri-fold style of round eyeglasses frames. These help to create the illusion of having long hair, when your head is shaded. They also prevent dust from entering your eyes, since they are lighter than their solid counterparts.  

aviator glassesThe Classic Aviator

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, the best kind of eyewear for you is the aviator style. Since aviators were designed specifically for flying, they come in different shades of brown and blue, with varying numbers of horizontal lines, as well as vertical lines, to give you the impression of different patterns and shading. They are also available in a variety of colors, although black and brown are the most popular.  

Tortoiseshell Frames

tortoiseshell glasses In recent years, tortoiseshell glasses have been gaining popularity, thanks to their chic and sophisticated look. If you like the look of a teardrop, but you don’t like the rectangular shape, try going with the teardrop style. The frames come in a variety of colors, although tortoiseshell frames seem to be the most popular. In fact, tortoiseshell frames are the most popular style of round eyewear trends frames today, and many people prefer them to any other kind.  

blue light glasses

Blue Light Glasses

You have probably heard of or seen a pair of blue light glasses recently online. These are the latest eyewear trend, seemingly the perfect glasses for the Instagram generation who spend their lives staring at screens. If you work in an office and use a computer all day, make sure you check out these new blue light glasses here. They can help keep your eyes happy during a long work day, and let’s face it, they look super stylish at the same time.  

Match Your Accessories To Your Outfitstylish glasses

If you need a pair of eyeglasses that fit into any kind of outfit, whether it is a regular suit or a casual dress, a hipster frame will always be a good choice. The best part about hipster eyeglasses is that they are very versatile. They can go with almost any outfit, and they generally look very stylish. In fact, wearing hipster eyeglasses can be quite trendy these days, especially if you wear outfits that are appropriate to your eyeglasses. You can go with a plain pair, or you can choose to add some text to your eyeglasses, such as an engraved name or some other kind of accessory.  

glassesKeeping Them Clean

When it comes to caring for glasses like these, the most important part is ensuring that the lens is cleaned properly. Most people who wear these accessories are prone to putting their lenses at risk by not taking care of them properly. This includes not taking any medications that can affect the lens, not washing the lens with any type of cleanser that is made specifically for the lens, and not using any kind of soap on the lens that is too harsh.