cruelty free makeup

Cruelty Free Makeup

Cruelty free makeup is a newly coined category containing all non-toxic makeup products which have not been testing on animals. Currently, the FDA has not issued a formal definition which binds the term to any specific set of standards. Despite this ambiguity, the use of this term has significantly increased in recent years. With this increase in demand, several organizations are now emerging who claim to offer cruelty-free makeup products. Although some of these organizations may be legitimate companies selling legitimate products, others are just clever con artists out to make a quick buck off of people’s emotions. One such company is Makeup For Healthy Living, which offers cosmetics which are “cruelty free”. The only animal-derived ingredients they use in their cosmetics are plant-based oils, waxes, extracts, and preservatives. Their foundation contains no artificial colours or fragrances, and all of the eye shadow and lipsticks are water-based. They offer several products under the cruelty-free makeup label which are both affordable and worth a try. Another eco-friendly beauty company is Just Sayin, which offers both affordable and natural makeup. The company’s makeup products are primarily water based and contain no artificial preservatives, colours, or fragrances. Just Sayin also offers a line of natural skincare products, which are also entirely natural and safe. They claim that most of their makeup products are better for your skin than traditional cosmetic formulas, and that many of their makeup products use all natural ingredients. Green and Healthy Cosmetics is another eco-friendly makeup brand. This brand offers lipsticks, liners, powders, eye shadows, lip glosses, and bronzers. Unlike some other eco-friendly makeup brands, Green and Healthy Cosmetics does not place animal ingredients into their products, and their main cosmetic product line is all made from plant-based ingredients. They do not test their formulations for toxicity or allergic reactions, and all of their makeup products are paraben free. If you have a friend who is allergic to traditional lipsticks, you should definitely look into Cruelty Free Makeup. This cruelty-free makeup brand does not use any formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, or other dangerous synthetic chemicals. Their current lipsticks offer pigmentation in a variety of shades, and they can be applied wet or dry. Unlike many other lipsticks, Cruelty Free Makeup does not contain any added fragrances. One of the newer eco-friendly makeup lines is From Scratch. From Scratch makeup is made with organic ingredients and does not contain dioxane, lanolin, or parabens. The majority of their makeup products are offered at a discount, and all of them are alcohol free. You can also rest assured that when you buy From Scratch makeup, your brushes will not be filled with animal glue. No animal glue is used in these products. The ingredients used in From Scratch makeup include organic olive oil, grape seed oil, and shea butter.

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